How To Earn $100 Per Click On Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an awesome way to monetize your website. Most bloggers are earning passive income from Google AdSense. In this post, we will show you that how to earn 100 per click on Google AdSense. This is done by using the right keywords.

google adsense app

recently, some folks said that they are getting low CPC on their AdSense account. For them, a proper keyword research will definitely help you to increase your CPC.

How To Earn 100 Per Click On Google AdSense

We are doing it using a tool called SEMrush. First of all, you need to go to SEMrush.

earn 100 per click on Google AdSense

Now, you may want to search for your specific keyword. In my case, I would like to search for WordPress. Enter the keyword in the box and start the scan.

semrush keyword search

On the next screen, you can see a detailed information of the specific keyword.

wordpress keyword in semrush

Now, check the full report of keywords from there.

full keywords

On the new window, you can see all the available keywords.

all keywords

For finding high CPC keywords from the list, click on the down arrow which is placed on the CPC section.

assign high cpc keywords on top

It will bring all the high CPC keywords to the top of the page. You can see that the top paying keyword is worth $140 which is huge.

Using those keywords will definitely help you to increase your Google AdSense revenue.

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